Save OQL Result as list in one object

Hello there everybody. I have a question regarding OQL.   So, one thing to know about OQL is that when you retrieve objects with OQL from a database it never returns the original object, only ever a new object with the parameters filled that were specified in the select.   However , by implementing a second entity and making a 1-1 (1-*) association it is possible to retrieve the original data by doing the following statement   SELECT AS Copy_Original FROM Module.Original as original   Our Original Entity here is called Original and the copy is called Copy. The resulting Association is then Copy_Original, which is being used in the SELECT statement As object that should be created by the OQL you choose the copy Entity. This way you get a list of Copy Entities and you can then iterate over that list to retrieve the original entities.   My question is now, is this somehow also possible for a *-* relationship? I would like to retrieve a list via OQL and then save that list in just 1 entity, instead of having each original paired up with a copy entity. I have a feeling that this might not be possible because I don't even have an idea how I would write this as a statement but maybe someone knows how its done?
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