How can I implement customizable filters in my Mendix app that allow users to filter information based on selected criteria, similar to the filters that can be created in Excel?

i  want to develop an application in Mendix that allows users to apply custom filters to data, similar to the filtering functionality in Excel. Users will be able to select different criteria to filter the information according to their specific needs.
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Hello Carlos 

To implement this idea to your application, you have to follow these steps:

1. You have to define the entities and attributes that represent the data you want to filter.

2. Then, you have to design a user interface where users can select filter criteria which can include dropdowns, checkboxes, input fields or any other fields types depending on the type of data and filtering options available.

3. After that, you have to implement the logic in microflows or Nanoflows to handle the logic of applying filters to the data and in this step you can use Mendix's XPath or SQL queries to filter data based on the selected criteria.

4. Then display the filtered data in a data grid or other suitable visualization component like list view or data grid 2.

5. As an extra features, you can provide features such as clear/reset filters.

For an extra resources, you can check this docs :,grid%20that%20filters%20the%20data.