adding unmanaged columns to entities

Hi. There's a 3rd-party Mendix module with entities where we need to store extra boolean that will be used by a DB analysis tool. Creating a cross-module association works, but it has a certain overhead. I was thinking of adding an unmanaged boolean column by running a DDL and then accessing this from java. The tests show that the column stays when we add or remove other attributes in the Domain Model or when we upgrade from 9x to 10x. It seems that when Mendix synchronizes the DB schema it only removes columns for which a record previously existed in "mendixsystem$attribute". If it's a completely unknown column it stays. Is this correct?
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Hi Ilya,

I think i understand what you are trying to achieve. In general it is not recommended and very dangerous to modify the database of a Mendix app using other tools that Mendix itself. For Mendix to properly work, it need full control of the database schema. Adding a column in another way than via the domain model is very likely to lead to data loss in the future.

What is the reason not to add the boolean to the relevant entity via the domain model?