How to copy same name and type attribute values of one entity type into another Entity

Hi,   I have Three entities like Vechile, Car and byke as below.     Now I want to copy all same attribute values (Vechile entity) at once of a specific row of Byke object while creating a Car object, can I know how it is possible?   Currently I am showing only 6 to 10 attributes but in my existing project I have a scenario where I have to add value for more than 100 attributes and which is of the above scenario.
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If you are trying to do this without having to configure each of the attribute names and values, you should be able to use the Clone Java action in a microflow.  You can find this Java action in the Community Commons module.  This will clone the contents of object A into object B.  Since the entities are related via a generalization/specialization structure, this Java action should work.

Hope that helps