Getting data from import to the correct data model

Using the excel import module from the marketplace i want users to import data, but i want the data to be imported into a seperate domain model, then i want the data to be transferd to the main domain model. How can i do this to make sure that all the data can be imported and transferd to the main domain model with the right connections   I want the data to be put in these tables and then transfer them into different tables in this domain model   is there a way i can do this, if so, how?
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Hi Stefan, 


It is quite a common usecase you have, you can obtain this goal with multiple approaches, but the most important things are the following:


 1. Map the excel import on your import entity I think in your case these are the entities Import Value and Vakken

2. Make sure the iimports are succesful and the data is filled on these entities

3. After you have different solutions, you can make a button/scheduled event/ or other to execute the logic of mapping it from you import entities to your usable entities.

4. In your execute logic it probably a microflow you need to be aware of your logical sequence, so which data needs to be created before the other data, and which data can be found on which entity, be also aware to delete your imported entity once everything is imported and transferred correctly.


In summary, do the import with the excel importer and use logic microflow/nanoflow to do the transfer and delete your imported data.


Good Luck