How to migrate legacy application data base to Mendix domain model as the legacy application is built on another low code platform tool other than Mendix

Hi Team,   I was wondering about the most feasible and convenient solutions to migrate the legacy application data base to Mendix domain model as the legacy application is built on another low code platform tool other than Mendix. As we are new to Mendix and we will be migrating our legacy applications to Mendix so what's the best possible way to achieve this, so that the application flow remains unbreakable. And how we can generate the domain model in Mendix from legacy apps database.   Kindly share the valuable inputs along with some sample example that will be helpful.   Thanks! Best regards, Aditya 
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Hi Aditya,


As far as I know, there is no easy migration functionality to merge data and functionality as-is from another platform.

Depending on the size of your app, and what the focus of your app is (data or functionality), you could choose a strategy that fits your needs.

If you app is small, you could choose to set a Go-Live date and stop using the old app and start using the new app all in once. If you app is large, you could build integrators to keep data in sync during the transition (either in the original app, or by connecting the Mendix application to the database).

If your app is data focussed, you could develop migration flows using the database connector for example, you do need to remodel the domain model though.

If your app is logic focussed, you could maybe do without data migration and just recreate all the logic in microflows.

Let me know what it roughly is!

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Try this, start with a test using a couple of associated entities:

  • From your oldapp: create a json representing your domain model, including the associations.
  • In Mendix:
    • Create a JSON_Structure, using this json from your oldapp
    • Create an importmapping using this JSON_Structure as schema
    • Click on:afbeelding.png

Now you have your first entities, and a couple of building blocks to transport your old data to your new app.


Continuing questions on Tim's answer, 


1. Creating a Data that is needed from your OLD App is what you should know already. Just that you need to prepare that Data in a format which is close to the Domain model that you have in your Mendix app. Basically we are talking about ETL here.


2. If the above step is prepared then 1 thing you can do is, export a Microflow as a PUBLISHED Service that can be called from outside mendix. So assume you have the same data prepared in the same JSON format as per point 1, call the Published REST service from a tool like POSTMAN and see if the data you input into the request body is neatly coming to Mendix MF(which is sitting under the Published REST service) or not and getting persisted or not.


In point 2, we have to be careful about how to call the data in "paged way" meaning it is not recommended to send the entire data at once. May be batch your data in chunks and then trigger the REST service.


Hope you got some hints to proceed further.