how to get workflow user task that related to current user

i need my user to see his task in my page and take decision to to without enter workflow task inbox page .  i have request ,It goes through stages inside workflow each user have his own task to do on request i need to connect each request with its task running now   
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Hi Elsaeed Shosha,

If i understood your  requirement , you want to show users their workflow task without going to task inbox

here approach would be we have two association with usertask to user.

1st one is target users( whom the task has been gone to) and 2nd one is assignee(who has claimed the task via task inbox page) you can also create microflows to claim task and put users in assignee who ever claims the task

so by these associations as per your need you can show task to only those users who are responsible for that

so you use something xpath like usertask_assignee=[%currentuser%] or usertask_targetuser=[%currentuser%] as required

Let me know if you need further help

Good luck!