Cannot create an object in a non-persistent entity

Hello experts!   I'm struggeling to find my mistake. I'm pretty new to the topic.   In my app, a requester is selecting a tour that includes 2-4 different modules. When the user is selecting a date in the form for the specific tour, a nanoflow checks if one of the involved modules of the selected tour is not available on that day.  Depending on the outcome, I want to create an object in the non-persistant entity ("Availability") with the module name, description and boolean attribute (true/false).    I created the nanoflow, but it throws an error saying it cannot create an object in the non-persistent entity.    I want to use this object on screen as basis for a dynamic class in order to show the user directly which modules are not available during the tour via red color.    Any ideas how I could solve the issue or maybe I'm following a complete wrong approach with the non-persistent entity?    
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Could you check if you have the access rules required to create the object?