CRITICAL: Alert for Mendix app (Database Freeable Memory)

I am getting this alert mail.  "This is an alert for a Mendix Cloud application that you are subscribed to. Environment:  Acceptance Service:  Application Container Memory Percentage Status: CRITICAL Details: CRITICAL: Application container 1f698bb6-9d77-4409-878b-a95016bdd6b5 - Instance Index: 0 has high memory usage: 95.0   Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Shivani
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Hello Shivani,


First some links that are maybe interesting for you to read:


So first check out the metrics of your application what do you see there, is it consistent with your alert?

Secondly, did you just release a new version on mendix with heavy actions like bulk retrieves and processes or big scheduled events?

Thirdly, is there an unusable amount of users in your app log in?

Fourthly, are there external parties that connect to your app more often than normal.


The problem can be multi-facet and therefore the solution can also be multi-facet these are just some documentation and guidance, hope it still helps


Good luck!


If you really could not find something maybe contact Mendix there were in the past some problems with garbage collection and freeing up your memory.