Any other ways to achieve this besides reference set selector?

Hi all, I've tried to use reference set selector to achieve as diagram below, but I can't select anything from data source. Any idea how's other way to done this? Thanks a lot if you can help!
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Hi Yi Jia,

You can create an entity, lets say 'TransferHelper' create a 1-* association with the datagrid object, and use it as a parent dataview for both the listview/Datagrids ( both the datagrids should be in one parent datagrids).

Now, in the second datagrid, set it's datasource as association, and retrieve the association from the 'TransferHelper'.

Now, once the user clicks on any object from datagrid 1, call a microflow and make the object's assication with the 'TransferHelper' object and refresh the 'TransferHelper', this way, once you click on the object, it will start showing in the second grid.

Now, to remove it from the first grid, you can set the datasource of the first grid to microflow, and in the microflow, you can retrieve it as the same way you were doing,  and then use listoperation (subtract), and remove the objects which have association with the 'TransferHelper'.

This way the first grid will only show the objects which don't have association with the 'TransferHelper', in other words, the objects which are not in the second grid, will only be shown in the first grid.

And for removal from second grid, you can call another microflow, and set the association of that particular object to empty.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!