Taking a lot of time to show the retrieved data on Page

I had implemented a custom pagination with listview  inside a dataview. For each page I am showing 50 records and if i click the next page and previous page button it will load the next or previous 50 records( it will not retrieve all the 8000 records at a time). Eventhough I am retrieving only 50 records but still its taking too much of time to load and show in the frontend. How to fix this issue to make the retrieve faster and showing in frontend?   kindly give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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Hello Senthil,


I'm not totally sure how you created your solution but for a customer we used a similar approach as mentioned in these articles:


Starting article



Follow up article



Datagrid as Datagrid2 were in our case not covering all requirements so we build our own. With the java actions the retrieves are handled very quick. Side note; make sure you optimize your queries optimal according to the best practices whenever you are using a normal retrieve activity or a java action.


Hope this offers some insight, good luck.