File storage method?

We are new to Mendix and in OutSystems either stored files in database tables as binary or using file utilities to save them to the server hard drive. As we move into Mendix want to get advice on best way to implement this in Mendix preferably using an external storage option like one drive, dropbox or Anyone used these three and what do you suggest as the best schema to use for storage of files as part of your page functionality? I want to move away from storage in the database or on the hard drive if possible.
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Hey, in private cloud we are using Azure Storage Account -> Blob storage. There are few others supported by Mendix but nothing from your list.

The following Blob File Storage Types are supported:

  • MinIO - Easiest option to use for a cloud vendor-agnostic solution, if the MinIO server license terms are acceptable
  • Ephemeral (non-persistent) - Simplest option; the contents of System.FileDocument will only be stored locally in a pod and will be lost when a pod is restarted
  • Amazon S3 - Solution hosted by Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob Storage - Solution hosted by Azure Blob Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage - Solution hosted by Google Cloud Storage
  • Ceph RADOS - Allows the use of a pre-created bucket from an S3-compatible vendor. This option also works with other S3-compatible storage options (not listed in this document)


If your really need to use one of those mentioned in your question then I would use connector from Marketplace (or write your own as most have ready .jars) and store reference to file in record. Not using default FileDocument but just sending and retrieving files directly to/from your data storage.