mendixsystem$ has predictable value for system attributes like changedDate?

I'm asking this just of curiosity.   Does anybody know how mendixsystem$ for system attributes is generated? It's definitely not a random UUID because if you uncheck a system member in the domain model, deploy, check it and deploy again, the id is the same. Also, for System.FileDocument the system member ids are the same across different apps even though Mendix does not store the system member Guids in the domain model:   '245def96-0172-3d83-96fe-0ee1ba825f26','170ce49d-f29c-4fac-99a6-b55e8a3aeb39','changedDate' '8655b482-0ac3-31db-8289-b05f505b77cb','170ce49d-f29c-4fac-99a6-b55e8a3aeb39','createdDate' '1442c9da-d4ae-3cf5-b3c0-6c878743e4e5','System.owner','system$owner','170ce49d-f29c-4fac-99a6-b55e8a3aeb39' '956c1382-b9fc-3367-b0b2-cb67ee9ef13f','System.changedBy','system$changedby','170ce49d-f29c-4fac-99a6-b55e8a3aeb39'     I think it's a function of the mendixsystem$ and one of the four values predefined for the four different system members, some sort of a hash.  
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