One-time import of data from SQL Server into Postgress DB creates only DB scheme but imports NO data

I have an app (Mendix 10.6.9) running on a Windows SQL Server. For debugging purposes I want a one-time import of the data in my local environment. Locally I have a Postgress DB (PgAdmin) which I want to fill with the data from our Server. According to I created a configuration file, see below;     Custom settings:     The Postgress DB is empty before I run the app. I get two messages indicating that the DB has to be synchronized, one for the Mendix scheme (about 15 commands) and one for the synchronization of the scheme according my app’s domain model. After that the data should be copied from my SQL Server to my Postgress DB which is not happening??? So I get stuck with empty tables. No error is reported but also NO DATA is imported. Why not?
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This should work as you describe. The empty tables are most likely the result of the Mendix runtime doing a regular database synchronization from your app, not from a partial copy from the SQL Server database. The runtime should do a database migration if both

  1. The SourceDatabaseType has been set. (It looks like this is the case, but the image is so small that I cannot be sure of the spelling in your settings.) If this is the case, but something else is incorrect in the SourceDatabase* settings, startup will fail.
  2. The target database is empty. If 1 is true, but 2 is not, a warning will be logged and startup will continue normally without database migration.


Note that the SourceDatabaseJdbcUrl uses database specific parameters that can be found in, it does not recognize SourceDatabaseName, which is a Mendix setting. But as mentioned above an incorrect URL should result in startup failure.