Restoring a backup

Hi team,  I want to clear some tables in my database so I am want to execute some scripts but which option to select for restoration db only or full. This is the steps which I will be doing. Take the latest backup of the app Restore the DB Run the scripts locally  Create backup of the updated db then upload it into mendix cloud. Restore the db.   But during this Restore should I have to click the db only Restore or leave it unselected ?
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Hello Bhavatharak Nerella,


Choosing "DB only restore" in Mendix means only fixing the database, leaving out app files and settings, which might need manual adjustment later to match recent app changes. Overall, "DB only restore" is useful in scenarios where the database needs to be reverted to a previous state without affecting the application files, but it requires careful consideration to avoid data inconsistencies.


Better to leave it unselected