Library management (clone or associate)

Hi Team,   We have a situation where a Tenant can manage their own presets. We also want to allow Tenants to be able to utilize default presets that we maintain. For example, shippingContainers.   the question is: Do you duplicate the values to their preset?   or do you have the 2 separate from each other? and allow the user to associate with the library items that we maintain?
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Hee Jason,


I think in this situation I would rather go for the duplication. I think this will keep your application the cleanest as possible and more easy maintainable, in your model for maybe calculations you also only have to deal with the sets that the Tenant has and not with two lists. Beside this you give the full power to the tenant to choose a fitting preset without the stress of overwriting something when you change a preset.


But this is me and how i would reason hahah