Sort a list in a specific order through a Microflow

Hello, I'm trying to retrieve a list from an object but I'm trying to display this list in a specific sort. The list I retrieve have approximately these records:   For example: -Record 1 -Record 2 -Record 3 -Record 4 -Record 5 -Record 6   I have created a 'Sorting' attribute as type: Integer and created an overview of a page where I have added this 'Sorting' column to the attribute where I influence this sorting, but how do I ensure that I get out of this DataGrid can retrieve the same correct sorting and show it in a dropdown.   The custom dropdown I use is controlled via a microflow, so this list must be retrieved via a microflow.  
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Not sure if I'm misunderstanding but usually where you retrieve it in the microflow you can either set the Sorting when you do the actual retrieve and then choose the integer attribute you have created or you can use a sort list activity in the microflow to do the same. And then return the sorted list.