AutoUpdate Mendix with Excel

Hi, I am using Excel as a go between for another application and Mendix. Is there a way to automatically update my Mendix data as the excel source content updates? A walkthrough or general guide on how to accomplish this would be much appreciated.
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Hello Charles,


The easiest way to do this is I think with an Power Automate flow that is calling an API in your mendix application.

Other ways that are possible if you search the internet is to make some custom scripts in excel or try to expose your dataset as odata.


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Hi Charles,


yes that's possible. If you want to sent it to Mendix, look at the other answer.

If you want Mendix to initiate, it all depends on where you store the excel file though. 

For example, if it's stored on an (S)FTP server, you can use the (S)FTP module from the appstore to retrieve the excel file from the server. The retrieval could be initiated by an scheduled event, check the changed date on the file and if changes since last update in Mendix, process it as usual. 


If it's on google drive, you can use the Google Drive Connector to retrieve the file. 


There are many options.