Excel Autoupdate Microflow

I need someone to describe a microflow capable of updating my Mendix data as the source excel file changes. I understand that an event must be scheduled and that the proper mapping must be done but I am stuck on the microflow and have been for a few days. The more detailed of a response the better as I have asked this question a few times and have not received any information that has led me closer to a solution. 
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Hey Charles,

You can create a On change or After Commit event linked to the file entity (event handler). So everytime the source of the file is updated, the objects will be commited and will run automatically the microflow to update the data.


Check the event handlers documentation: Event Handlers | Mendix Documentation

On Change doc: On Click Event and Events Section | Mendix Documentation


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Hee Charles, 


If all your logic is in a microflow and working than you can create a scheduled event.




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