Display results of XML Import

Hi,  A little background on the app I'm developing: I've created a wizard that collects user input on screen 1, collects additional user info on screen 2, then subsequently exports this data via XML export mapping, calls a web service, and finally returns response data via XML import mapping (all imported data being persisted to 1 entity). My eventual goal is to display the results of this import on the third and final page of the wizard.  I have been succesful in exporting/importing the data, however when I attempt to  display the results I can only display all the results existing in the import database.  I would like to only display the results that the current user just entered.  Any thoughts on how I can achieve this? Thanks for any help. 
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I may not understand your requirements completely, but it seems to me you could accomplish this by creating a small entity to keep associations with all data (entered on pages and retrieved via web service).  when a user starts a request (i.e. opens the first wizard page), you can create an object of this entity and use it throughout your process.  Then when you want to retrieve the results, you can just retrieve the results attached to this object.

Could be I am missing something, though.