Is Data limitation in Mendix ?

Hi All Is there any limitation of data that can be handled in Mendix without any performance issue? Could you kindly ssuggest me. Thanks in advance.
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That is not a easy question and the answer is influenced by many parameters, to mention some:

  1. On-premise or cloud?
  2. How may app-engines if cloud?
  3. Database?
  4. What is 'Handled'?
  5. What is 'performance issue', longer than 3 seconds, 2 hours?


In general some recommendations

  1. When replication data from other systems: don't try to import >million records every day, optimize that
  2. Bulk data processing microflows: Work with batches/endTransaction (java-action) to prevent java heap space errors
  3. For big data retrieves: use OQL to get the database speed
  4. Import in intermediate tables and process from that point
  5. Use checksums or other mechanisms to prevent syncing twice the same data.
  6. Limit the number of indexes: they will cost more to maintain than they will gain.