Idle transaction for Mendix retrival

Hi Everyone, Everyday we face the problem in Prod  that mendix retrive in the microflow goes in the idle transaction which will result to extra-long locking. This is impacting the performance of the application as well. We are using Postgres as database After checked with DBA the state of the transactions stays in 'idle in transactions '  then clears the state after  5-10min. Can you please help me identify what is the possible reason for this. PS: I am using Mendix standard retrive function.
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This sounds like an application problem (not to say it can't be a bug of course).

What you could do is the following:

- -> set the LogMinDurationQuery custom setting on your application server (and restart the application) to see if any particular long-running query is causing this or running just around the time this occurs.

- Check the PostgreSQL pg_stat_activity table for more information.

- Check the application log for "deadlock" messages.

- Check the PostgreSQL pg_locks view for more information.

A good forum post on this topic: