Import a non Mendix SQL database backup-dump file into the Mendix cloud app.

At a client we need a quick solution to get data into the Mendix environment without having to build webservices or make network changes in the clients current infrastructure. I am able to get a SQL filled backup file through an SFTP server. This file will be sent daily and wil contain the most recent version of the required data. The application itself should run in the Mendix cloud. Is it posible to read in an SQL backup file into the Mendix application? Alternatively would it be possible to have a seperate database inside the Mendix cloud where the backup file is updated and that the Mendix application can connect to using the database connector module? Any other suggestions are ofcourse also welcome. Thanks in advance
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Does it have to be mendix cloud?

You can create a database in AWS/Azure, restore the backup, and use the database connector to retrieve the required data.