How to update two orodomain more domain models with one input form?

Hi.. Can any one tell me how to update two or more domains with a single input form? I have this application where a user named supervisor inputs a form, when he purchase a tool. He would input the form with the to name and tool category with price of the tool and the purchased date.  The data should update the following domains. * The "inventory" database. * The "projects" database. ( a field for the tool name) * The "Expenses" database with the price of the tool along with name of the tool and purchased date. Can this be done??   Please help  
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This can be done quite easily, though the exact 'how' depends somewhat on your domain model. 

If you could post a picture of your domain model and the structure of your form, it would helpl give a more specific answer.

In general however, I would point out that you can create a custom 'action' button in your form, to replace the 'save' button. With this button you call a microflow that can execute a number of actions of your choice. In addition to saving (commit) the main object, you can also update the database as you describe.