Large File storage

We are looking to develop an application that will facilitate the storage of a large amount of documentation. The application will allow users to upload documents, and these will be associated to their profile. We are expecting several TB of storage for these documents, approx 4TB end of Year 1, doubling year on year. Are there any recommendations for document storage solutions, or any experiences of similar situations where storage is required to operate alongside a Mendix app?  
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I suggest you connect Mendix to Amazon S3. They have a good pricing / GB and seamless integrate with Mendix:


Yes Azure can be used too,

I don't have any personal experience with the Mendix hosted services in Azure cloud.

With one my clients us using a Mendix hosted environment with both Azure as AWS for file storage (>10TB), wich can be accessed through connectors. like with the connectors you need to write your own logic. 

Something to take in account with  the use of the connectors, is the upload and download of the files should not go trough the Mendix server.