how to update two or more Entities with a single input form?

Hi.. Can any one tell me how to update two or more Entities with a single input form? I have this application where a user named supervisor inputs a form, when he purchase a tool. He would input the form with the to name and tool category with price of the tool and the purchased date. The input form is for the "Expenses" entity. It should update the "Tools" entity too.  The data should update the following entitities. * The "Tools" Entity. ( a field for the tool name) * The "Expenses" entity. ( a field for the tool name)   Can this be done?? Here is the domain model that I currently have. Please help      
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Yes you can. I assume you already have a dataview with the Expenses entity. I assume you have a reference selector for selecting the Tool categories. You can then use a listen to datagrid to display the Tools. What I miss in your domain model is how you store which tool is bought. Furthermore I assume the perso can buy more then one tool at a time.

And can the person edit the Tools and Tool Categories? I would connect the Expenses with with Tools in a multiple - multiple relation. Because I think that a person can buy multipe tools and that those those can be bought by multiple persons. So in the dataview show a dropdown with the tools categories and show the tools belonging to that categories. With a (purchase) button connect that tool with the Expenses entity.

I suggest you follow the tutorial lessons again and search for some purchase order examples in the forum. I know there are a couple of topics in that area.

Hope this helps a bit.