Local database - where are the files located?

Hi all,   I had an accident and had to download my project from the team server, losing all my local data. However, I did make a copy of my local files before doing that. I tried to replace the contents of the data folder inside the deployment folder (deployment\data) with my old ones, but that didn't work. Where does Mendix store the files for the local database? Is what I am trying to do even possible?   Many thanks Gonçalo
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Normally for the build in database you would only need to copy the deployment/data directory. Check your data directory if it contains a hsqldb directory and check the size of default.script file. And may be you should switch to postgres. It's free and you would not have lost your data because it is on a seperate location.





Just ran another test, and apparently after replacing the data folder, you probably need to re-deploy (I say probably because I was having other issues and I had to restart the server I am working on). After doing this, I was able to see my data again. Hope this helps someone else in the future.


Again, many thanks for all the help!