Entity Attribute calls Microflow to generate data is runned for entire database instead of current record

Hi all, I have a testproject where I call a microflow in an entity attribute (mypassword) i.o. to generate a password. In this microflow I call a Java action and use the randomhash fucntion from community commons and a substring function to get a 6 char random password. What I would expect is that on creation of a new record; this microflow would be called. However it looks like the microflow is executed for every record. When I test my app; when created a new record every password is changed for the entire entity. When deleting, all passwords changed again., etc. Is this common behaviour or a bug ? Thanx.
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If you have set this as an event handler, which is to be executed After Create, then I would think this is a bug.

If you have set this as a virtual attribute, then this is not a bug and you should review the documentation on calculated attributes.