Session LastActive date/time not updating

We are hosting our application on a Windows 2008 Server with a 2012 MS SQL database. We have PersistantSessions set to true, EnableKeepAlive set to false, and SessionTimeout set to one hour. Once a user logs in, we are not seeing the LastActive date/time be updated in the Session entity with each click in the browser within the site. Is this potentially a bug in 5.21.5. We believe the lastactive field in the Session entity was being updated with each click in the browser in previous builds.
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The asnwer to this behavior is here - .


Keep alive mechanism for Persistent Sessions

Persistent Sessions used to store a ‘last active’ date upon each request. This is a known performance bottleneck. To improve this particular aspect of the performance, the ‘last active’ date attribute of a session is no longer committed to the database immediately on each request. Instead, this information is remembered until the time the ClusterManagerAction runs. This action verifies whether the session has not been logged out by another instance and whether the last active date is more recent than the one in the database.