Getting the usernames

 I have this application I m developing, nd I need to get the usernames in a drop down or reference selector. So I can issue funds to them. I need to do is in simple terms is this.  I have the User Role Supervisor already created in the security. And from the Accounts page, I create local users. In these local users I create users and assign them the User Role Supervisor. For example, I create a local user called Pamala and assign them the User Role Supervisor.. And I give them a username and password. But what I need to get is the names of the Supervisors made in the Accounts section. Such as Pamal in a drop down list. I do not want to maintain a separate supervisor entity actually, I did that out of my lack of knowledge assuming it is the way to do this. What I want achieved is the above. Any ideas? Dilan
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Hi Dilan,

You will have to setup a association in your model to the Account (or specialisation) object to be able to have a dropdown list in your page. Also make sure that the role is able to access such information like the FullName attribute, but be aware of the security risks when you expose that attribute to a specific role.

Bart Poelmans