two Dimension Rating

Dears , I have this issue of rating each item of the "checking" column by its color and availability etc as it shown in the below picture  the user should click on the image to change the rating this could be done by a workflow, visible and invisible property  the question is a have 6 table other than this all of them have the same properties (color, availability .... etc) but different items to  check rating each item per each property gonna build a huge domain model and will take so much time is there any way that could build as much as simple domain model    
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You should be able to do this quite easily with at most 2 entities.

Entity1 -> Each column becomes an attribute:

Name (String),
value1 - value5 (Boolean).

Entity2 -> For each table. 1 attribute:

UniqueIdentifier (String or Integer or ...?)

Workflow per table:

Create table with unique identifier = Entity2
For each row in the table create an Entity1 and associate it to Entity2.

To display:

Retrieve Entity2 by its unique identifier and show it in a dataview. Put a datagrid in the dataview with Entity1 objects (retrieve them by association to Entity2).

Alternatively you could even place the unique identifier in Entity1 and just only show all those that have the same unique identifier in each table.