Database Backup - Free vs licensed AND Mendix for Full Application (not just app)

I am looking into starting development with Mendix, currently not a customer.  However, we are a relatively small business with 35 people employed.  We are using a multitude of tools right now for CRM, task management, project management, etc.  I have been searching for an all in one application out of the box, but non-exist.g  Custom designed software is too much of an upfront cost for us plus we will constantly need changes.   Mendix seems like it could be a good fit.  With that two questions:   1.  How often is the database backed up on the free version?  What about as a subscriber?  I am inclined to start developing and as a feature set per department is done on board those 4-6 people and eliminate their software from our portfolio.  Once I get 2-3 groups on I should be okay budget wise to subscribe.  But, am I taking a big risk with data at the front side by the live applicaiton route in the free program? 2.  There is a lot of discussion of an "app" created by Mendix.  Is it truly capable of creating a fairly robust fully featured application?  Or am I asking too much of it?
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In answer to your questions:

  1. The database is backed up weekly for free aps ( this is what the edition comparison page says, you can see it here: )  However, I just looked at one of my free apps, and there are backups taking place nightly for that app.  It may be that Mendix has changed its backup schedule for free apps due to some recent platform changes and upgrades and that the public web page hasn't caught up to that yet.
  2. The database is backed up daily for subscribers.  Additional backup and failover capabilities are available and are usually specified in your license contract.  
  3. Mendix is capable of creating a robust and full featured app or set of apps.  it is currently in use by organizations of all sizes for applications of all sizes.  Based on 6 years of experience with Mendix, I would say your 35 person organization will not bump up against any functionality or performance limitations in the platform unless you are building applications targeted at a much, much larger audience than your company.  



When an app is starting up, it looks like this:


No action need from you on the back end, it just starts up.


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1) You can find more details here:

You are limited to a set amount of users, there are no limitations in whay you can build. You only have one app container as a total set of resources. Depending on what kind of app you are trying to build and the functionality you are looking for this can be enough. 

Back-ups are made on a weekly basis, could be enough or you, but this also depend on how business critical the app is going to be for you. 

Sincr it's a free app, the app isn't always on. It needs some time starting up once accesed. It shuts down automatically after 2 hours (could be wrong here on the amount of hours.


2) You can build amazing apps with Mendix, small or large and everything in between. So yes, you should be able to build that custom app you are planning for.