Emulate cloud security

Hi All, Local Env. --------------- Source DB:AS400 Destination DB (Mendix):  postgresSQL/HSQL (3 million Data)     a) Mendix (Emulate cloud security) : Yes         Time Taken (to import ) : 8 min (using DB Replication)     b)  Mendix (Emulate cloud security) : No          Time Taken (to import ) : 40 sec (using DB Replication) Can any one suggest me,  Is there any option to update "Emulate cloud security" in on-premise since we have only yaml file for configuration ?  
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It probably is trying to read a certain property that is not allowed but not blocking for the DB Replication module to run.

Set all database related nodes log levels to debug and inspect for warnings.

There is no option to disable the cloud security on premise but you can adapt the .policy file to get the same behaviour locally.  If your local environment is running at the same speed you can deploy it on premise.