Floating files after deleting filedocument specialization

When deleting an entity that inherits from administration.filedocument, the actual files remain in the deployment (\data\files\) directory. These floating files have an affect on the disk space needed. When deleting a filedocument from a microflow or page, the actual file is deleted . However, in this case I cannot do this because the inheriting entity is already deleted from the modeler earlier. The cleanup orphan file custum setting (com.mendix.core.localfilesystem.cleaning.isEnabled) is not the right setting to use. How can I get rid of these floating/orphan files?   edit: The setting com.mendix.core.localfilesystem.cleaning.isEnabled cannot be set, the error The requested custom setting is reserved by the internal system appears. There is also a warning in the release notes Warning: This is an experimental feature that will be replaced in the near future. This feature should not be used in production.    
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Seems to me like you're describing a bug in the platform.

I don't think there is any way to recover apart from Mendix providing a fix and specific funcitonality to clean this up.