How to: Use a microflow to export entity data into a text file and send via ftp

Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for creating a txt file that will be sent via SFTP to a server. Our goal is to use a microflow that will take the data from an entity and create a text file that will be sent via ftp. I'm new to the tool and was wondering if anyone has done this and what steps they used. Here is what I outlined but seem to find myself struggling. Any thoughts or recommendations would be great. I downloaded SFTP module and plan to customize the IVK_Upload module (from the SFTP module)  to create the txt file from the entity where the data resides. Steps: Retrieve the entity (from data model) Build a string of the data Use the StringToFile to create a file Thinking I have to convert or create a system document from this Then I assume that once the file (doc) is created that I can SFTP.JA_SendDocument  
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Hi Brian,

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Small comment: converting the file to a system document is not needed, StringToFile creates a filedocument that you can pass to SendDocument.