How to change assosiations from you domain model?

Hello all,  I am quite new to Mendix  and I have made a Domain model (see screenshot) like I think it should work. The only problem is it doesn't work.   For example: When I want to create a "klant" (translation Customer) I want to be able to create more than 1 contract for that customer. But it looks like I am not able to give the contract a specifical Customer ID and so every customer can access it.    I already tried some solutions but gives other problem along the way. - Make contract a Generalisation of "Klant" To "contract"  to "Adress" to "Contactpersoon" to "Kredietgegevens" to "Bankrekening" (it worked but gives an error when running the application and saving all the changes.  like "something whent wrong please contact your system administration"   And in if I click F12 this error is showed in Console Error: is not a function   Can someone help me out?     
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When creating a new Contract (object NewContract) you should add the association Contract_Klant to that object specifying $Klant as the object for that association.


Hi Ynse,

Yes if you have selected to invoke a microflow when user clicks on new button (to create new contractor)  then within the microflow you have to pass the paramater of Klant and once you create new object for contractor you have to associate it with Klant (as show in the screen shot below).

Not sure if you have already completed this but if not then it is worth going through Mendix introduction course that has good videos which explains you everything including your issue in section 11 (As a Customer I want to be able to Request a Flight Booking (Create a Request)).



Hope this helps!



Mohammed Siddiqui