Database Replication module: import associations from external database from an other Mendix project ?

Hi We want to reuse data (entity’s, attributes and associations) from one Mendix project in an other Mendix project where we use the same domain model. We made a back up of the original project and imported the data in local postgres database. With the Database Replication module we can import the entity’s and attributes correctly. However, we are not able to import/restore the associations via the Database Replication module. We do see the associations in the local postgress database as relation tables. The documentation/steps we need to follow to get these associations in Mendix via the Database replication module are not clear to us. Can somebody give a hint on how to proceed ?
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When importing associated objects example Orderlines of an order it is important to set you keys correctly.(Main and associated objects)

You also need to use the option "Include additional tables" where you set your joins.

Example: Purchase order and lines (Postgres DB)


Hope this works for you