System.user and generalizing/specialization

Hi all, this is probably a laughably simple question, but I'll ask it anyway.  I have a single object, employees, which is generalized o/from system.user.  the employees object has FirstName and LastName attributes. I've created a NewEdit form with the 2 bl name fields as week as the password, name and other fields from the system.user object. When I run the app locally, I'm able to create employee records, but don't see them in the accounts pages.  What am I missing?   Thanks for not laughing too hard at this newbie. 
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The accounts overview pages shows adminstration.account entities which inherits from system.user, your employee object also inherits from system.user thus employees are not accounts.

Either let employees inherit from accounts (This suits most scenario's) or create a seperate overview page for the employee entity.

Good luck!