How SAP (with Oracle Database) and Mendix are connected with each other?

Hi all, One thing I want to know is, how SAP (with Oracle Database)  and Mendix are connected with each other? Is there any module or boostrap or plug-in to connect with each other? Please let me how can we do this.. I found one pdf regarding this, But I really didn't understand that. . Please let me how easily I can connect my mendix application with SAP. Thanks in Advance..   Thanks, Venkat.
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Hello Venkat,

  If you have an SAP instance, there are several ways to get the data.  

  There is the database connector toolkit, which can connect directly to a database with the appropriate credentials.

  I would personally recommend having a web service layer between Mendix and your SAP instance.  Here is some information about how to consume a web service.  If your SAP instance supports SOAP or REST web service, then Mendix can communicate quite well.

   Hope this helps,