How to get usernames based on a particular role and save that in the entity?

Hi Team, I am struck at a particular point in my project. In my project I have to display the usernames based on role in a dropdown. For example there are user roles like Dispatcher,Contractor,Reviewer. And each role have 4 employees in my System.User table. Now if i login as Dispatcher, I would like to display the usernames with the role Contractor  in dropdown and when dispatcher selects one and saves it, this Contractor name should be saved in my entity Request. So how can I achieve this? Thanks, Regards Sushuma
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Hi Sushuma,

You can get all users with a particular user role in a dropdown by using a reference set selector - see screenshot

In the reference selector if you select Xpath as source you can then use the following Xpath to limit users by the user role that they have 


Hope this helps,