Strange issue with dates (may be UTC related)

I'm noticing I've got a few issues with dates appearing to be out by a day. It looks like its a UTC issue as none of my dates have times but the dates that are a day out appear with the time 23:00. When i view the data in a data grid it shows correctly ( for example 20/08/2017) but when I view it in the Database Viewer it shows incorrectly (19/08/2017 23:00).  This is occurring on dates created via microflows and also data imported using the excel importer module.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can prevent this from happening or how I can correct it?
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Added localise = No on each attribute and that seems to have resolved it


Living in UK and working with dates could be a nightmare especially when your server is located in the Netherlands. Be aware of BST and GMT changes.

I will advise you to set a configurable constant which you can change in the cloud config when you want. Set it as 0 or 1 depending on whether it is GMT(0) and BST(1) and add this to all your dates.

Do this when you are working a lot with dates and need to use them for scheduled events and so on.

Might have to test heavily on this though