New behavior default integer field?

I have fairly simple entity with an Integer field default to zero (0) in the domain model. When I create records this integer field shows in the debugger nut zero but empty. If I test field > 0 then application will crash... I would expect that that each field is filled with a zero value and not 'empty'. I work around it with a cleanup microflow but would like to know if this behaviour is correct.
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This depends on the default value setting of the attribute in your entity. Integer attributes get 0 as default value unless you explicitly changed it to empty (in Java null).


Hi Arthur, 


I've found the same result when I didn't have a default value set at the Integer attribute. I'm also using the same version. 

For me it was just as simple to set the default value to 0.


Perhaps this is a bug, can you try creating the integer attribute again?