Database connections increase quickly to limit

Hello, When my app is idle (no logged in users) it has 2 database connections. With one logged in passive (stays on one page) user it rises quickly to approx 30 connections. Additional users add a couple connections each and when the users starts to use the app the connections continue to increase. The number of connections don't drop until the users log off. The documentation states  "The number of connections is limited to 50". I have a page with 3 template grids - when I enable refresh the database connections hits the limit instantly. With the number of connections increasing in this way the app soon becomes unresponsive (especially when I enable refresh on template grids), I have in some way managed to do a DOS on my on app.  Is this normal behaviour for a Mendix app? Anything that I haven't/should consider? The app is currently running on Mendix 7.5.1 but the issue is the same on previous versions. Appreciate any valuable input. // :) Fredrik 
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Hi Fredrik, the fact that there are open connection (in the connection pool) doesn't mean they are in use. They can be idling. It all depends on the amount of calls that are done towards the database. I wouldn't worry to much about this. You can check your environments metric to see the actual resource use.