Data Migration Production to Test

Hello,   I'm currently trying to copy the data from our Production database into our Test database using the Service Console.  I have gone into Configuration and have entered in the Custom Mendix Settings the SourceDatabaseType (we are using Microsoft SQL Server so I put SQLSERVER), the SourceDatabaseUserName, SourceDatabasePassoword, SourceDatabaseName. Finally, I put in the SourceDatabaseHost (we are hosting it ourselves and not in the cloud so I have used the IP address like so along with the port number [###.###.##.###]:8081   I'm just not sure how to start the copy process.    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Everything you enter in the service console is purely for configuring your app to your database. Are you using Microsoft SQL? If I recall correctly, you should have a SQL Server Management Studio available on your database server. Use that tool to connect to your source database and create a backup. After that, you should be able to restore that backup to the target database.