Decimal reference

I have changed floats to decimals in my domain model, I specified "1,0" as default value for attribute Bedrag. Now I get this error. Debugger shows that $IteratorPost/Bedrag (its type decimal) is "empty", very strange... any suggestions? Should I test on empty on any test with decimals???????     com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: Failed to evaluate expression, error occurred on line 1, character 1 $IteratorPost/Bedrag >  1 and $IteratorPost/N_Subposten = 0 ^     at MJOB1.IVK_check_subposten.nested.e2e731a9-e1c2-4977-9cad-db3f24f5083f [44 of 45] (Gateway : '')     at MJOB1.IVK_check_subposten (NestedLoopedMicroflow : '') Advanced stacktrace:     at com.mendix.languages.mxexpressions.MxExpression.evaluate(MxExpression.scala:17)      
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It's always good pratice to test for empty values, also for decimals.

The error shows that the microflow is being asked to check if null > 1 this will result in an error.

Without addional information on the content of the records that are being processed in your loop it's not possible to say if this is a bug in the modeler/runtime or if this is default behaviour. You could try and check the content of the field of your object with the debugger.