How to store (and use) numbers with more than 8 digits after floating point?

Hi,   I need to store (and use for calculations) numbers with 15 digits after the floating point. The problem is that with Decimal in Mendix only 8 digits are allowed after floating point.  Double and Float are not an option because they are not accurate for representing money. The Currency data type is deprecated and suggests to use Decimal for "high precision". What can I do for working with numbers having 15 digits after floating point? In Java with BigDecimal there are (almost) no limits for the maximum number of characters after floating point.   Thanks in advance!!   Arno.
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Hi Arno,

I would suggest to store it in a string attribute and use custom format checking and formatting. 

Perhaps using a custom widget with own formatting for displaying. 

It seems that out of the box Mendix doesn't support this.

Hope this helps.


EDIT: For calculation of the decimals you can check the following example:

The outcome for the provided formula is: