How to attach a user to a Project Entity

Hello, I want to create a property in my entity (or at least a reference) to the "Project Owner"  This is the person that is in charge of the project internally.  I only want a user from the system to be able to be selected.    How would I go about this?  For other users I have a "Person" Entity with a many to many relationship so I can reference those and add them to the "Project".  But what about a user within mendix?
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Hi Ivan,

From what I understand is that you just want a user which can login in your app to be selectable rather then all persons known in your application. To achieve this you could use the "Account" entity which is a generalization of the System.User entity. In case you don't use the Administration module you could directly connect to the System.User object. But I would rather go over the Account object.



Maybe I am better off going about it this way.  I created the following entities...  So through this I can reference many people as part of the project which is great as my first goal is to create a "project directory" of various people and their contact information.  


The question is how do I assign one single person as the "Project Owner" which I want to show on my data grid as a sortable and filterable column.  I need to take each of these "person" objects and tell my Project table what they are in relation to the project.