Cloud Foundry Deployment - Database already exists error

Am trying to deploy my app in cloud foundry and bind mysql service to that. But when I try to start / run my app in cloud foundry,  it throws the below error. Am I missing out something ? [ERR] ERROR: Executing execute_ddl_commands did not succeed: result: 1, message: Executing DDL commands for component MyFirstComponent failed., caused by: Error (SQL State: 42S01, Error Code: 1050) on executing: [ERR] CREATE TABLE `mendixsystem$entity` ( [ERR] `id` NVARCHAR(36) NOT NULL, [ERR] `entity_name` NVARCHAR(511) NOT NULL, [ERR] `table_name` NVARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, [ERR] `superentity_id` NVARCHAR(255) NULL, [ERR] PRIMARY KEY(`id`))  
1 answers

1050 says that table already exists. Is it a new application and a new database (service)? Have you tried removing the DB service and creating (and binding) a new one?