Database Free Space alert

  Recently, I carried out a performance test on my Mendix application (7.4.0), trying to see which scaling (mendix cloud v4) option works best. When working with 1 instance 8 GB per instance option (max memory allocated), I get a Database Free Space alert (see snapshot) The application then goes into recovery and is back up. My questions are: Any idea what might be causing the error and ways to solve it? Mendix documentation says the following: Review trends for Database node disk usage in % and Database node disk usage (in bytes) and inspect the usage value of the database partition (usually /var/lib/postgresql/) to see if there is a sudden increase or a slow increase over time. Resolve by either stopping a runaway process, removing old data, or ordering more storage. In general, I am not sure how the scaling options work so any information on that would be helpful.   Further, I changed the scaling to 2 instance 4GB per instance (still max memory allocated) and did not receive the Database Free Space error.  But doesn’t increasing the number of instances to solve the database error lead to memory loss on the OS side? Thanks…    
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