Login and Database

  Hi. I am just getting started with Mendix. The second doubt was that I downloaded the login widget from the app store but I am unable to configure it to my app. So I have the role field in the user table. And I want to insert the value in table without taking that input from the user. Not to an external DB. Something similar to : Insert into 'tablename' values ('name from user' , 2) ;
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Not sure if you are thinking of ways to insert data into the database directly, without using Mendix, but if you are contemplating this, then be aware that Mendix creates it's own index-field on any new record. So 'manually' inserted records will have a different id and will not get recognized by Mendix and Mendix will think the database is corrupt.


In a microflow you can use the create activity to create an object from your domain model.

Here is the documentation for activities



and a link to the mendix learning paths